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This is the reference implementation of the Kvarn server library, offering a simple config to get you started using Kvarn.

See moella --help for config options

It’s for my personal use on my domains and

See for an example config and the schema of the config. You can also take a look at the config for a production example.




There are builds available for Linux in Github Actions, and for other platforms under Releases.

To run it, download the binary appropriate for your platform.

  • Platform specifics:
    • If you run Linux: run chmod +x <downloaded binary> to make it executable.
    • If you run macOS: run chmod +x <downloaded binary>, then open Finder and find the binary. Right click and click Open. Accept the warning.
    • On Windows, it should just run
  • Lastly, run the command ./<downloaded binary> --help in your shell to get usage information.

Build from source

Install Rust and then run the following:

This doesn’t currently work, as we haven’t published to yet. You’ll have to set up the development environment.

$ cargo install moella



During development, Mölla requires Kvarn to be cloned at ../kvarn, Kvarn Search at ../kvarn-search, and Kvarn Auth at ../kvarn-auth.




  • CLI argument parser.
  • Sets up logging, starts the server, and returns the handle. Also handles argument parsing.