This is the landing page for my projects’ documentation.’s API documentation is located here.


Kvarn, a forward-thinking fast web server designed to fit your needs, efficiently.

Mölla, the Kvarn executable and config format.

Agde, a general decentralized sync library supporting text and binary.

Den, a diff library with support for any changing data.

agde-io; agde-tokio; and agde-web, further abstractions on top of Agde. This is the code that interacts with your browser / OS to store and send data.

Elipdotter, a full text search engine.

kvarn-search, an extension to Kvarn that uses Elipdotter to provide search capabilities.

kvarn-auth, an en extension to Kvarn that adds simple, secure, and fast authentication to your Kvarn instance.

std-dev, a statistics calculation library with support for regression (multiple estimators), standard deviation, etc.

fractal-renderer, a multi-threaded fractal renderer (soon running on the GPU) with support for the Mandelbrot, Julia sets, and the Barnsley fern. Documentation isn’t very good since this is a binary.

sitemap-iter, a small library to iterate the pages of a website according to it’s sitemap. Used by kvarn-search when crawling.

clap_autocomplete, an easy to integrate shell completion for Clap. Finds the user’s shell and puts completion files in the appropriate locations.

strange-attractor-renderer, a blazingly fast mulithreaded strange attractor renderer.