Module agde::fast_forward

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Mechanics for reading the current data from other piers after being offline for some time.


At agde’s startup, call crate::Manager::process_fast_forward and send it. Agde will not apply any events that are received and given to crate::Manager::apply_event. If the answer is crate::MessageKind::Cancelled, try again.

Then, call crate::Manager::apply_fast_forward_reply. This will create a message which fetches the diffs. Send that and wait for the response. Then, call the methods of crate::sync::Response. Also call crate::Manager::apply_sync_reply.

Now, you get back a list of crate::log::EventAppliers, since we need to apply the events received during the fast forward. Handle all of them.



  • An error while handling fast forwarding.
  • A single change between sets of metadata.